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Librarian: Ms. Palfenier (Paul-fin-ear) Library Website: University Elementary students have many websites they visit. On our library website, they will find links to some of the websites used when at school. You can also use it to search for books housed in the library. Check it out … these websites can be used from anywhere.

Library Book Check Out Schedule: Your student’s class has a day, each week, to come to the library and check out books. Books are due back into the library two weeks later. Sometimes, a student needs more than two weeks to read a book. If so, books can be renewed one time, and then they should be returned so other students can enjoy them. Books can be returned to the library any day, however, the due date will always be on your student’s check out day. Check it out… we have MANY wonderful books and magazines!

Below, you will see the day your student’s books will need to be returned to the library, if he or she wishes to check out other books.


· 3rd grade, Ms. Allen (9:45 am)

· 3rd grade, Ms. Smart (10:15 am)

· 1st grade, Ms. Harding (1:30 pm)

· 2nd grade, Ms. Nelson (2:00 pm)


· 3rd grade, Ms. Hone (9:45 am)

· 1st grade, Ms. Walter (1:00 pm)

· 1st grade, Ms. Pelfrey (1:30 pm)

· 2nd grade, Ms. Oyler (2:00 pm)

· Kindergarten, Ms. Hatfield (2:30 pm)


· 4th grade, Ms. Jones (9:15 am)

· 5th grade, Ms. Burget (10:15 am)

· 2nd grade, Ms. Havens (2:00 pm)

· Kindergarten, Ms. Hamm (2:30 pm)


· 5th grade, Mr. Nelson (10:45 am)


· 4th grade, Ms. Waters (9:45 am)